Thursday, January 3, 2013

Let's start the adventure...

Hello there!
     I'm Knuckle Slamwitch and I love roller derby! 
Me!! (Photo credit: Joe Mac/Midnight Matinee)
     To be more specific, I also LOVE roller derby league administration. I recently departed one league and started up a new league, so I felt that it was an ideal time for me to impart some of the wisdom I have learned over the past 3-ish years or so of being a part of the derby community. Don't worry - this won't be a series of rants about my frustrations (though I can't promise there won't be any!). I plan to research issues and interview others who have significantly more experience than me so we can all learn together. 

So, please stay tuned and keep reading! As a fun teaser, here are some of the topics I plan to cover:
  • pros and cons of joining a governing body or an association
  • friendship and league administration
  • when league members quit
  • incorporation
  • referees
  • fundraising
  • avoiding burnout as an administrator
  • surviving your league's haters
  • health and safety
  • insurance
  • sponsorship
  • fraternization and dating within the league
  • rules and skill testing
  • dealing with theft and crime
  • league member owned businesses
  • publicity and the media
  • facilitating team discussion and voting
  • leaving an administrative position
 Looking forward to learning together!
-Knuckle Slamwitch

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